• Technical ceramics - deversified products

Ceramic elements of sensors and electric devices

This group of elements includes hundreds of types such as: tubes, shields, bars, beads, blocks, crucibles, combustion boats, seals, etc.

They are made of following ceramic materials: steatite, electric porcelain, cordierite, mulite and alumina. 

Alumina technical ceramics is widely used in many machines and devices, which need high wear resistance, chemical resistance or insulating properties. 

They often must be machined precisely for the sake of propper cooperating with another parts.

Typical products from this group are all kinds of: rollers, axles, pushers, heat carriers as well as polished rings of mechanical seals, which interact well in a frictional couple with counter-ring made of bakelite-graphite materials. 

Filters and neck-down cores

Honeycombed elements are used as catalyst carriers or catalyst for utilization NOx. High temperature porous filters are employed for filtration of cast steel while casting processes.

Aplication of the neck-down cores in the gating systems decreases labour consumption of removing of the sinkheads significantly. 

Neck-down cores have round or rectangular shapes and their dimensions are adjusted to Clients demand. 

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Technical ceramics - deversified products
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