• Research equipment

Off-centered mixing device for mixing ceramic powder with organics


BOY XS injection molding machine


Sintering and debinding furnace FCF 14/160M


Laser cutting device


Mercury porosimeter


Rotary rheometer Kinexus Pro to measure the viscosity of slurries and pastes


Vacuum dryer


Laboratory spray dryer, output rate 1 kg/h




Spray pyrolysis device for ceramic powder production, output rate 0.2 kg/h


Granulometer Mastersizer 2000


Vickers hardness testers 432 SVD and 402 MVD


Technological line for pellets (granules) production. The line consists of Thermo Fisher twin-counter screw extruder type Eurolab 16, cooling bath and pelletizer


High pressure injection molding device Sumitomo DEMAG 60-310


Semiautomatic screen printer KPX 2012


Sintering furnace FCF 117/170M


Sintering and debinding furnace HT 64/17 HDB


Vacuum furnace VHT 40-18

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