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Our company concentrates on research and development topics related to the manufacturing and implementation of modern ceramic materials contained in priorities of Polish and European Union scientific policy.

Presently, our activities focus on technologies related to solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs), oxygen membranes from perovskite type oxides, methods for obtaining and processing ceramic nanopowders, development of catalytical monoliths, and application of high durability ceramic materials for machine elements. For environmental reasons, the recovery of granulated products of waste materials is being investigated and implemented in production. Our R&D activities are financed by CEREL's own funds, strategic research and applied research projects, special research programs as well as projects financed by the European Commission.

Our laboratories are equipped with modern equipment and devices which enable design, fabrication and testing of new ceramic materials.

CEREL also deals with obtaining modern ceramic materials, from ceramic powder preparation to precise machining after sintering. In the production process of highly specialised products, goods are made from a number of advanced ceramic materials, namely: stabilised zirconia, alumina, composite materials, high alumina porcelain, cordierite, steatite and mulite. Our department is equipped with devices to manufacture products from technical ceramic with almost all known ceramic techniques (uniaxial and isostatic pressing, high pressure casting, tape casting, extrusion, high pressure injection moulding, green and white machining etc.) on small industrial scale.


Solid Oxide Fuel Cells

Among the different types of fuel cells, anode supported solid oxide fuel cells (AS-SOFCs) are probably the most versatile; they can be operated within a wide temperature range, and accept many fuel compositions, ranging from pure hydrogen to hydrocarbon fuel. Based on our broad experience in developing ceramic parts we have been able to produce efficient AS-SOFCs with high mechanical robustness. The mechanical support is made by means of ceramic injection molding. This allows for rapid prototyping in different geometries up to a size of 10x10 cm2. On top of the mechanical support, we apply thin functional layers by means of automated screen printing or ink jet printing. The power output obtained with our fuel cells can compete with those made at other commercial SOFC manufacturers throughout the world. For further information, please have a look at the downloadable content below, or contact us for a price quotation.

Oxygen membranes

Dense ceramic membranes are innovative devices for oxygen separation with a purity over 99%. At CEREL we have developed oxygen membranes made of perovskites that were made by two different methods: solid state sintering and spray pyrolysis. The dense oxygen membranes were fabricated in the shape of disks and tubes by various methods: uniaxial and isostatic pressing, extrusion, green and white machining. The obtained membranes were characterized for their apparent density, microstructure, phase and chemical composition, mechanical strength, coefficient of thermal expansion and the most important parameter characterizing the membrane usability i. e. the oxygen permeation flux. The highest value of the oxygen permeation flux reaching 2,6 ml/cm2.min were obtained for dense BSCF membranes with a thickness of 1 mm. The most important issue was the stability of the received results. Therefore, a BSCF disk-shaped oxygen membrane was operated for a long time. After 2 thousand hours the oxygen membrane still worked, with an efficiency close to the initial value. In the next year we are going to design the new prototyping device for oxygen production from air, utilizing tubular perovskite membranes.


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