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 Presently, the Institute of Power Engineering Ceramic Department CEREL works on realization of the following projects:

  • Project No. POIR.01.02.00-00-0013/16 - "New designs, materials and manufacturing technologies of advanced solid oxide fuel cells".
  • Project No. REGPOT-CT-2011-286100 – „Sustainable Energy Research and Development Centre”
  • Project No. PITN-GA-2013-606878 – “New ceramic technologies and novel multifunctional ceramic devices and structures”
  • The strategic project No. SP/E/2/66420/10 – „Advanced Technologies for Energy Generation: Oxy-combustion technology for PC and FBC boilers with CO2 capture”.
    The strategic project No. SP/E/4/65786/10 – „Elaboration of integrated technologies of manufacturing fuels and energy from biomass, agricultural waste and others”
  • The applied research project No. PBS1/B5/12/2012 – „The formation technology development of indexable cutting plates and monolitic mills with alumina and silicon nitride matrix grain composites”The applied research project No. PBS2/B6/17/2013 – “High performance machining technology-ultrasonic assisted of ceramic workpieces with complex geometry
  • The sector project EPOCA No. INNOLOT/I/1/NCBR/2013 – “Device for power supplying and controlling on-board and ground equipment”
  • The sector project INNOCAST No. INNOLOT/I/8/NCBR/2013 – “Innovative investment casting technologies”
  • The sector project HYBRIDRIVE No. INNOLOT/I/3/NCBR/2013 – “Technology of hybrid power package for powering light or unmanned aerial vehicles”


And here's a list of completed projects:

  • Project No. FP7-NMP-2007-SMALL-1 - "Efficient Environmental-Friendly Electro-Ceramics Coating Technology and Synthesis".
  • Project No. MTKD-CT-2004-509811 - „Development of Solid Oxide Fuel Cell technology for stationary applications based on biomass gasification and natural gas".
  • Special research programme EUREKA No. E 3230 - „Stationocat - Catalysts for NOxand N2O utilization”.
  • Research project No. N R08 0001 06 - “Development of material and manufacturing technology of microporous refractory and constructional ceramics on the basis of ZrO2stabilised by MgO”.
  • Research project No. N R15 0009 06 - „Developing of ceramic material and manufacturing technology for blade cores of gas turbines and turbocompressors”.
  • Research project No. O R00 0085 11 – „Low power drives to power unmanned flying vehicles with the use of fuel cells”.
  • Research project No. R08 041 02 - „Elaboration of the manufacturing technology of perovskite materials utilized in oxygen membranes for pure oxygen obtainment and oxy-combustion processes”.
  • Research project No. 1090/25/2008 – „Development of the regeneration method of materials from used casting moulds applied in the process of investment casting for machine elements and devices”.
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Instytut Energetyki Oddział Ceramiki CEREL realizuje projekt dofinansowany z Funduszy Europejskich o akronimie NewSOFC

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